MESPIL is a successful European property developer with established operations and real estate arms.

MESPIL has a strong history investing across various sectors including Private Equity, Energy and Infrastructure delivering over 2,500 residential units in Europe with a sales value in excess of €300 million, 1,500 hotel rooms and a further €100 million in infrastructure projects in the UK.

Real estate investment and development is in our DNA and we are proud to have an experienced leadership team with lifelong careers in investment banking, real estate and the hospitality industries. We believe in Portugal and are passionate about bringing Portuguese real estate investment potential to our partners and much in demand properties for sale in Portugal to our end buyers.

We are direct, decisive and, above all, accountable. We practice sound judgment and common sense in all our investment transactions. We do things the right way, are driven by our passion for Portugal, we are constantly learning but are here to win.

Our Vision

Bringing Portugal To The World

Our Mission

Your partner in Portugal, working hard every day to support our clients make educated property investment decisions for a better tomorrow.


At MESPIL we feel strongly that our shared values are authentic and thoughtfully guide our team and business. We embrace doing the right thing, we foster a sense of family and we lead with relationships


We uphold and expect the highest standards of business practice, from both ourselves and our chosen business partners, fostering a bedrock of honesty and principled execution of all our activities.


One look at a completed MESPIL property developments crystallises the level of excellence upon which we insist. Truly breath-taking properties finished to the zenith of quality. This degree of excellence is also incorporated into our investment business services.


We love what we do and are motivated to inspire ourselves, each other and our clients every day. Only by really enjoying the service we provide, passionately challenging ourselves in the relentless pursuit of doing better, can we do so to such a high standard.

Infographic: MESPIL Values - Integrity, Excellence, Passion, Relationships, Reputation


Connected relationships are at the heart of what we do, and our reputation means everything. We build trust with our clients and business partners cultivating ease and enjoyment in all engagements and negotiations for today and the future.


Our reputation is everything to us, as is maintaining yours. By providing the best-in-class investment and asset management, our reputation grows and strengthens, as will yours as our clients, investors and business partners.

Outstanding service enables enduring trust and maximum value to you.

Our People

Our team is the backbone of our core values, no service can be delivered without the professionals behind it, and the MESPIL team is testament to its success.

Photo of Aidan Donnelly

Aidan Donnelly

Photo of Tom O’Connor

Tom O’Connor
Managing Director

Photo of Andrew McAdam

Andrew McAdam
Director - Finance

Photo of Aaron Tracey

Aaron Tracey
Director - Sales

Photo of David Horan

David Horan
Financial Controller

Photo of Erwin Rodenburg

Erwin Rodenburg
Sales Manager - Algarve

Photo of Carlos Henrique

Carlos Henrique
Business Support Manager

Photo of António Rebelo

António Rebelo
Advisory Board