Amy O’Reilly

Legal Counsel and Business Development

As a solicitor holding both a Postgraduate Diploma in Law and a Bsc in Management and Marketing, Amy brings a dual function of legal advice and business development to the team at a very high standard. Having worked in Bank of Ireland for four years on the Mortgage Resolutions Team, she gained experience advising on enforcement strategies and asset sales. She also held the role of Risk Advisor where her role was to monitor and report risks under Central Bank guidelines.

Amy is also experienced in anti-money laundering legislation and advising on share transfers and allotments for corporate entities.

She received certification in GDPR in the wake of its implementation, and ensures MESPIL’s adherence to data protection regulations.

Amy is based out of Portugal and operates from MESPIL’s Vilamoura office where she is responsible for all legal advice, compliance, strategy review and office management.


+353 86 881 7834

Amy O'Reilly