13 May

Introduction to MESPIL: The new face of Pan-European property investment

MESPIL Development and Investment is a pan-European real estate company, bringing exciting investment opportunities to the market at significantly better value than the competition, as well as offering luxury homes for sale in Portugal and across Europe.

We are catering for individuals or companies seeking to invest significant capital in European real estate, right down to those seeking to find the perfect getaways in holiday homes for sale in Portugal. We are bringing end-to-end service for both purchasing clients and capital investors alike.

New brand, new fund!

MESPIL is a recent rebrand from our previous incarnation as MESPIL European Ventures. Since 2016, we have developed and completed Phase 1, a project of luxury homes for sale in Vilamoura, Portugal, exceeding our sales targets and completing ahead of schedule. This has allowed us to move faster into Phase 2, raising further capital of €50m bringing us to the point of becoming a fully regulated fund by 2019 year end.

We now have several other pan-European property projects in our pipeline and are increasing in scale with our vision of becoming a European leader in Real Estate Investment Management, bringing first class real estate options to end users whilst creating value and returns for our investment partners.

Why we’re different?

Whilst there are many funds providing investment opportunities in Portugal and across Europe, MESPIL have two key differences.

Firstly, we have established the necessary financial, political and legal relationships across Portugal and across Europe allowing us exclusive access to distressed property opportunities. This in turn allows us to add value to a high standard and bring the properties back to the market at deep discounts that our competitors are unable to match, resulting in larger returns.

Secondly, our end-to-end management of the investment and development cycle ensures we have full control and ensure the highest quality at all junctures from site selection, due diligence, construction, operation and sales. We are accountable for our own high quality.

A team you can trust.

Our highly qualified team with a combined property development experience spanning 100 years have delivered an unparalleled number of successful projects across the globe including:

  • The construction and sale of over 2,500 units with a sales value in excess of €300M in Europe;
  • 1,500 hotel rooms in Ireland;
  • Over €100m in infrastructure projects in the UK;
  • £50M solar projects in a three year period.

Ours is a team that loves what we do and do it to the highest level.

We have been investing ahead of the curve since 2006 and are looking forward to continuing this trend at an exponential rate.

Welcome To MESPIL Where We Are Building Trust And Securing Futures.