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Changes to the conditions for a Portuguese Golden Visa in 2022

In early 2020, the Portuguese government proposed changing the conditions for issuing Golden Visas and investing in real estate in Portugal. The adoption of the proposals would limit investment opportunities in Portuguese real estate, with the aim of excluding from the list of the premium real estate areas in Lisbon, Porto and Algarve from January 2022.

The adoption of these changes was initially postponed in June 2020 due to the situation with the pandemic of COVID-19 but was officially accepted and declared in February, 2021.

However, it is worth noting that these changes do not affect qualifying investments in commercial property.

When introducing this legislation, investors applying for a Golden Visa will only be able to acquire real estate located in the eligible areas as deemed by government.

The measures proposed by the Portuguese government will limit investment options. The government’s goal is to tackle price growth in large cities, which has been a problem for locals to attain a foothold.

In general the required Golden Visa minimum investment amounts for the capital investment, job creation and donation routes will increase from €350,000 EUR to €500,000 EUR in 2022

What is a Portuguese Golden Visa?

Officially called ARI (“Autorização de Residência para Actividade de Investimento”), the Golden Visa in Portugal is Europe’s most successful residency-by-investment program.

Portugal’s Golden Visa is an opportunity to obtain a valid residence permit in Portugal for investors outside the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland. This program was founded by Portugal to attract inward investment and help develop the Portuguese economy. So far, it has managed to make investments worth over 5 billion euro since its inception in 2012, noting that they are mainly targeted at the real estate market.

The Golden Visa scheme gives to qualified investors and their family members the right to live, work and study in Portugal and allows free movement in the European Schengen area.

This is one of the most successful investment programs for residence in the world, due to the reason that investors do not need to live in Portugal to obtain permission for free movement.

People getting visa concept. Travelers making document for leaving country and travel abroad. Foreign and native passport, immigration stamp approved.

Portugal Golden Visa Guide

Want to know more? Read the definitive guide to the Portugal Golden Visa program – the most popular and successful residency-by-investment and citizenship-by-investment visa program in the world.

From its benefits, requirements, investment options, cost and taxes, application process to all the frequently asked questions - it takes you step by step through how it works to how you can apply and get a second passport in Portugal.

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Why is the Portugal Golden Visa the most successful residence-by-investment program in the world?

The Portugal Golden Visa programme managed to attract thousands of investors and thanks to it, many families have moved to Portugal. This program has a number of advantages that are worth noting:

What are the requirements for getting a Portugal Golden Visa?

Portugal’s Golden Visa is one of the most popular investment programs because it has a limited number of requirements unlike other similar programs. It allows investors to get involved quickly and easily and to have a number of flexible residence options. However, here are the general requirements that the investor must comply with:

What are the three most popular types of investments that meet the requirements for Portugal’s golden visa?

What are the options for investment?

Your investment must meet at least one of the listed requirements:

Investing in real estate at least €500,000 EUR
Acquisition of real estate at a minimum value of €500,000 EUR in Portugal.

Investing in properties that need rehabilitation
Acquisition of real estate with construction, completed at least 30 years ago or located in an urban area for rehabilitation. Under this option, the minimum investment is reduced to €350,000 EUR.

Investment in research
Transfer of capital of at least €350,000 EUR invested in research carried out by accredited research institutions that are part of the national scientific and technological system.

Investment in the national heritage
A capital transfer of at least €250,000 EUR to support artistic production or to restore or maintain national cultural heritage.

Investment in private capital funds
Transfer of capital of at least €350,000 EUR, for the acquisition of investment units or venture capital funds aimed at providing capital to companies that meet certain requirements. This can be a more convenient option for some as it avoids the hassle of looking for property and subsequent management.

Investment in business
It consists of a transfer of at least €350,000 EUR in support or inclusion in the share capital of a company established in Portugal. In addition, five permanent jobs are needed for a period of three years.

Capital transfer
Transfer of capital of at least €1,000,000 EUR to Portugal.

Create 10 full-time jobs
Creating at least 10 full-time jobs in the Portuguese business in the form of a sole proprietorship with limited liability. Jobs can be 8 if they are in a low population area.

Application process for the Portuguese Golden Visa

The process of applying for a Portugal Golden Visa requires documents to be collected in Portugal and in the country of origin.

The sequence of steps you need to take:

The renewal process at the end of the 2nd year is similar.

How and why to get a Portuguese fiscal number?

There are many reasons to get a NIF: getting a phone subscription, opening a bank account, buying real estate, renting properties in the long run and more.

Here’s how to do it:

What will you need to open a bank account in Portugal?

How to open a bank account in Portugal?

To open a bank account, you must be in Portugal and have a Portuguese fiscal number. You must apply to Activo online, and you can also do so in a local branch. You can use Google Translate to translate the instructions because they are in Portuguese. When you reach the step in which you are given the opportunity to upload the documentation, go to a branch close to you along with the documentation, a valid passport and €250 EUR, which activates the account. Upon completion, you will be issued a debit card.

Required documents for applying for Golden Visa

The documentation must be issued no less than 90 days before the date of submission of the online application.

All non-Portuguese documents must be translated and certified.

You can count on your lawyer to assist you in collecting documents in Portugal, including the documentation related to your investment.

Documents required related to an investment of €500,000 EUR

Documents required related to an investment of €350,000 EUR (real estate rehabilitation)

The applicant must demonstrate that the investment is made for the minimum amount required by submitting the following documentation:

Submission of the application

To make sure that the process goes well, trust a lawyer and he will assist you during the trial. If you want to handle it yourself, the steps you need to take are few. You must go to the SEF application registration form and fill in everything without missing the information required. Attach all supporting documentation and remember that it must be legalized and translated into Portuguese. You can count on a lawyer to check everything before submitting the application.

Once the application has been approved by the SEF, you must pay a fee for processing the application.

In a few weeks you will be able to choose a date and location suitable for you and your family to go for an interview. The choice is possible online on the SEF page.

In the personal interview, bring with you all the documents you have attached online in their original version.

SEF will inform you in a few months of confirmation of a residence permit in Portugal. Payment of the rest of the application fee is made at this stage. It will cost approximately €5,000 EUR per family member.

You will then be able to get your Portuguese residence card.

The application and renewal process

You can submit your application and supporting documentation easily and conveniently online. Once SEF has processed and approved your application, you will be able to get a meeting for a personal interview.

The good news is that SEF now allows you to appear for an interview in an area you choose. Thanks to this, the waiting time has dropped, especially in the more sought urban areas.

In order not to confuse anything, most people rely on a lawyer to complete their application. It may take about 6 months after it is sent until it is approved. Many investors decide to handle the application on their own, but it is not recommended.

The application for family members takes place at the same time, paying a processing fee of €532.70 EUR for the first candidate and €83.10 EUR for each subsequent family member.

After the approval of the application, an approval fee of approximately €5,000 EUR is paid for each member of the family. After a period of ten to twenty days you will receive a Portuguese residence card, which you will have to renew in 2 years.

The Portuguese golden residence card will allow you to travel freely in the Schengen countries, and the only thing you need to carry extra is a valid passport.

In order to maintain the possibility of residence, it is a necessary condition to spend at least fourteen days in Portugal during the first two years.

To start a renewal process, you need to make sure that there are at least 90 days until your card expires, because that’s the time it takes to renew it.

The renewal process involves taking biometrics (fingerprints, etc.), providing up-to-date criminal records and paying a fee of approximately €2,600 EUR for each candidate. In addition to this fee, a fee for processing the application is paid again for €532.70 EUR for the first candidate and €83.10 EUR for each of the family members.

Once you renew your Portuguese residence card, it will be valid for three years. You must have spent at least 21 days in Portugal, and they may be inconsistent.

After the fifth year you can apply for permanent residence or citizenship. If you do not want either, you can continue to renew Golden Visa every three years.

Do you need to know Portuguese before you get your citizenship?

You will need to pass the A2 level test. This is a requirement that must be met. This level is at the basic entry level, so it will not be difficult to pass.

Let’s summarize the costs you will need to keep in mind

Other associated costs

Process timeline infographic

Infographic: Portugal Golden Visa Process Timeline

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