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Property for sale in Lisbon, Portugal

from€ 350 000

Our city centre Lisbon development consists of 17 luxury apartments and 5 commercial spaces situated in a prime established residential in-demand neighbourhood. Golden Visa qualifying.

  • 9 Avenida de Madrid,
    1000-193 Lisbon,

No.9 Lisbon Apartments For Sale

Introducing No.9 Lisbon, a mixed use development of 17 large, bright and airy residential apartments with 5 ground floor commercial units located in the heart of the city centre. A unique urban renewal Portuguese architecture with units ranging from T1 to T4 typologies many with large terraces and commanding city views over Portugal’s capital.

Apartments from € 350 000

Beautifully designed one-bedroom apartments; Spacious and sleek two-bedroom apartments; Deluxe three-bedroom penthouse with private roof terrace and lift

Floorplan - T1, ground floor, small Floorplan - T1, ground floor, large Floorplan - T2 Floorplan - T3 Floorplan - T3 Penthouse Floorplan - T4 Floorplan - T6 Penthouse

Last number of units released

Unit Floor Type Area Price Status
G Habitational Ground Floor (half floor elevated) T1 64.00 m2 € 350 000 Registered for cancellation
H Habitational Ground Floor (half floor elevated) T1 37.00 m2 € 355 000 Available
I (1.D) 1 T3 162.90 m2 € 725 000 Available
J (1.E) 1 T4 189.90 m2 € 895 000 Available
N (2.E) 2 T4 189.90 m2 € 910 000 Available
Q (3.E) 3 T4 189.90 m2 € 930 000 Available
S (4.D) 4 T3 162.90 m2 € 775 000 Available
T (4.E) 4 T4 189.90 m2 € 955 000 Available
V (5.D) 5 T6 Penthouse 223.50 m2 € 1 150 000 Available
X (5.E) 5 T3 Penthouse 220.00 m2 € 950 000 Available

List of Sold Out Apartments in No.9 Lisbon

Unit Floor Type Area Status
L (1.F) 1 T2 70.50 m2 Sold Out
M (2.D) 2 T3 162.90 m2 Sold Out
O (2.F) 2 T2 70.50 m2 Sold Out
P (3.D) 3 T3 162.90 m2 Sold Out
R (3.F) 3 T2 70.50 m2 Sold Out
U (4.F) 4 T2 70.50 m2 Sold Out
Z (5.F) 5 T2 70.50 m2 Sold Out
Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon Real Estate Location Guide

Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, is one of the oldest cities in Europe with impressive preserved architecture, warm climate with many sunny days and fascinating locations to visit. A truly desirable location for property investors!

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Aerial street view, Lisbon, Portugal

No.9 Lisbon Fast Facts

No.9 Lisbon is brought to market as a full turn-key Portugal Golden Visa property investment ideal for buyers looking for a home in an exciting European city, or for property investors looking for strong capital appreciation investments and guaranteed rental yields.

IPA 2020 Awards: Best Residential Renovation/Redevelopment Portugal and Best Apartment/Condominium Portugal

50%Sold @ Pre-Launch

Restoring Lisbon

GlobalGolden Visa Demand

No.9 Lisbon FAQ

01. When is the renovation finished?

Regeneration and refurbishment works will be completed March 2021 ready for our first occupants to reside in the building.

02. Are the units sold furnished?

Yes, all apartments are brought to market turn key. The mid-century modern interiors were completed by OMEY, a leading Portuguese interior design and art company.

03. Is there parking included?

There is no parking within the building however there is ample off street parking available, both paid and free options.

04. Is there a rooftop terrace?

There is no rooftop terrace as this space is owned by the 2 x penthouse property owners and as such is for private use.

05. Is there security or alarm installation?

Yes, there is a video electronic access for controlled entrance to the building. Portugal is the 3rd safest country in the world and experiences very low crime rates.

06. What are the condominium cost and what is included?

The condominium fee will be set by the management company and owners depending on services required. As an approximate guess using comparable buildings it will be around €150 a month. This fee includes cleaning of the entrance/hall way, common areas, communal lighting, building insurance, maintenance contract elevators etc

07. What tax do I need to pay for the purchase?

The purchase tax is around 6% over the purchase price, for example taking a purchase price of €320.000 (€50.000 being the renovation cost) you would be obliged to pay IMT tax of €14.564.75 and stamp duty 0.8% of €2.560, bringing the total purchase tax to €17.124.75

08. What is the heating system?

The heating system is a brand new Aircon heating and cooling installation

09. Is there a washing machine included?

Yes there is both a washing machine and dryer included in the furniture pack inventory.