Lisbon Real Estate Investment & Property Buying Guide

MESPIL’s Portugal property investment location guides cover the most popular destinations of our real estate investment projects and features top locations across Portugal where our end buyers are looking for some of the best properties for sale in Portugal with guaranteed rental income, modern furniture and professional property management.

The Lisbon real estate location guide highlights the property market and leisure activities, but also the interesting things that aren’t so widely known.

Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, is one of the oldest cities in Europe with impressive preserved architecture, warm climate with many sunny days and fascinating locations to visit. A truly desirable location for property investors! In this article you will learn more about Lisbon and what are the investment opportunities it offers.

Lisbon, Aerial view

Why invest in real estate in Lisbon?

Impressive with its architecture, centuries-old history and preserved traditions, the city attracts countless tourists and more and more people prefer it as a place to live and invest in property. And this is no accident. Lisbon is known for its warmth and coziness, the romantic atmosphere and hospitality of the Portuguese.

Lisbon is preferred when deciding on a new home by many families, and trends show that real estate demands in the capital continue to grow. Many travel agencies predict that Portugal will be the place, to where people will travel the most in the nearby future, which is a wonderful prerequisite for investment.

MESPIL - professional assistance and support in the buying process

We at MESPIL can be your partner and be with you through the whole process of acquiring a new home in Lisbon and a Golden Visa with which you can travel freely in Europe.

MESPIL is a European real estate investment and management company awarded many awards in the Algarve. What distinguishes us is that we are not just a sales agent, but we actively participate in the daily operations of all of our projects, striving to ensure the best customer experience.

Our team has 25 years of experience in development projects, infrastructure construction, and extensive renovation projects in Europe. Our main goal is to provide affordable and successful investment opportunities for our partners.

All MESPIL properties for sale are turnkey and have the prospect of a good rental income. We know the Portugal market well and focus on places in the Algarve and Lisbon that have many advantages and wonderful living and business conditions.

Investing in Lisbon properties that need restoration

One of the investment opportunities eligible for the Golden Visa is the acquisition of real estate at least 30 years old or located in an urban rehabilitation area. The requirement for this option is for the investment to be at least €350,000 EUR.

We at MESPIL guarantee our quality of work to achieve your dream home or profitable investment.

We offer professional consultations and assistance in the procedures for preparing the necessary documentation. We will be by your side at every step to make sure you invest wisely for your better future. We will answer all your questions and help you make the right decisions.

We present you project No.9 Lisbon, Portugal

This project is located in the center of Lisbon, close to all the necessary shops and stops, close to numerous tourist attractions, restaurants and cafes. The building consists of 17 luxury apartments and 5 retail spaces located in a first class residential neighborhood. They are qualified for the conditions for acquiring a Golden Visa.

This is a project for urban renewal of Portuguese architecture, including cozy apartments with large terraces and panoramic views of the sunny capital of Portugal. On the ground floor we also have 5 commercial units.

You can choose from beautifully designed one-bedroom apartments, spacious and elegant two-bedroom apartments or a three-bedroom Deluxe penthouse with a private roof terrace and elevator. The apartments are large, bright and ethereal.

Click here to visit the No.9 Lisbon sales page

The No.9 Lisbon project includes properties suitable for both buyers looking for a home in an exciting European city and real estate investors looking for investment opportunities to increase capital and guaranteed rental income.

Don’t miss this opportunity! We at MESPIL will make sure you make the right decisions and choose the right investment for you. We always help our partners understand how the proposal can meet their investment goals.

Why buy property in Lisbon?

Lisbon is the sunny capital of Portugal and the country’s main political, economic and cultural center. It is one of the oldest cities in Europe and is the second oldest European capital since Athens. Lisbon combines the rich heritage of the past with modernism and the pursuit of constant progress. This is a tourist destination that offers a colorful and interesting story, a dynamic and lively nightlife, a mild and pleasant climate.

Commerce Square (Praça do Comércio) is Lisbon’s monumental riverside square

Lisbon is recognized as a global city because of its importance in finance, trade, the media, entertainment, the arts, international trade, education and tourism. It is one of the main economic centers on the continent, with a growing financial sector and one of the largest container ports on the European Atlantic coast. The city is the 9th most visited city in Southern Europe, after Istanbul, Rome, Barcelona, Milan, Venice, Madrid and Florence.

Lisbon Pink Street (Rua Nova do Carvalho) is among the most beautiful in Europe

Driven by a network of narrow streets, small squares, old buildings and countless churches, Lisbon spreads over seven hills, reminiscent of Rome. Despite the ancient and romantic atmosphere, it is one of the most charming, modern and lively cities in Europe, intertwined with past and present, tranquility and dynamics in a unique and magical way.

The history of the Portuguese capital is as dynamic and intriguing as the city itself. Finns, Greeks, Romans and Moors have influenced its development over the centuries.


Lisbon is located in western Portugal, where the Tagus River flows into the Atlantic Ocean. It has several separate areas, including Amadora, Keluz (Sintra), Odivelas, Lures, Almada, Barreiro. In the western part of this magical city is located one of the largest city parks in Europe - Monsanto Forest Park. It is a protected nature park and is the largest green zone in Lisbon.

Tagus river Lisbon is the longest river in the Iberian Peninsula


Lisbon has a Mediterranean climate with mild, wet winters and warm to hot, dry summers. The average annual temperature in the city is 17.4° C. This is one of the capitals with the warmest winter, and snowfall is extremely rare.

Lisbon Aerial view


The region of the capital is the richest in Portugal and produces 45% of the country’s gross domestic product. The area around the Tagus River is highly industrialized. One of the largest technological events in the world Web Summit is held in the city.

The seaport is the most important commercial port on the Iberian Peninsula. Being the capital, it is constantly developing as an important financial and technological center. It has the largest and most successful sector for media communication.

The marina of Doca de Alcantara in Lisbon

The industry is deploying in growing oil sectors, and refineries are located right in Tagus, including textile mills, shipyards and fishing.

Tourism is one of the main units developing the city, welcoming an average of 4.5 million tourists a year. In 2018 Lisbon was chosen as the "Leading City Destination in the World and a leading destination for urban vacation in the world".


The metro is the oldest and largest city network in Portugal, 44.2 km long. This is the fastest way to get around the city, and can be combined with other types of transport. From the airport to the center the travel is about 25 minutes.

Lisbon Tram 28

Traveling by tram is one of the main ways to move around Lisbon. The tram system includes both modern and small yellow trams with a design from the XIX century, which are part of the tourist attractions.

In addition, Lisbon has trains, bus lines, and extensive highways, which reach to the city’s suburbs.


Umberto Delgado Airport, Lisbon is positioned within the city limits - 7km northeast of the center. It is the main international connection with other countries and is the 20th largest airport in Europe.

You can catch the metro to the airport, which runs directly to Lisbon. Aerobus shuttle regularly awaits arrivals outside the terminal and transports them to the city center, stopping at many of the larger hotels along the way.

The buses of the municipal bus company Carris move daily between the airport and the city center. Taxis, meanwhile, are numerous and quite cheap. They can be found outside the arrival terminal.

Eduardo VII Park, Lisbon